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Paramotoring: The Essential Guide

Paramotoring: The Essential Guide
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Paramotoring: The Essential Guide is for pilots who want to know more about the skill, art and pleasure of flying a powered paraglider.

It is packed with the latest information on techniques and equipment, with contributions from some of the best instructors and pilots in the world.

With Dean Eldridge at the helm it draws on real-world experience from across the sport of paramotoring, all brought together in one easy-to-read book illustrated with clear diagrams and superb photography.

It includes:

Over 50 chapters to help you become a better pilot

170 full-colour photos and illustrations

Expert advice on nailing your launches every time

Straightforward explanations of reflex technology

Advanced techniques including slalom flying, pylon racing, trikes, tandem, flying cross country and more

‘How to’ chapters on understanding and maintaining your engine

Hundreds of tips to help you get the most out of your flying

With contributions from:

Chad Bastion, Sascha Burkhardt, Mike Campbell-Jones, Pascal Campbell-Jones, Michel Carnet, Daniel Crespo, Dav Dagault, Tom de Dorlodot, Bob Drury, Piotr Dudek, Eric Dufour, Ed Ewing (editor), Tony Gibson, Dave Hairs, Paul Haxby, Klaus Irschik, Thomas Keller, Marcus King, Alex Ledger, Edward Lichtner, Paul Mahony, Dani Martinez, Ludovic Migneaux, Andy Phillips, Emilia Plak, Neil Slinger, Pascal Vallée

What people have said:

"This book should be at the top of every pilot’s checklist. It will make all the difference between becoming a regular pilot and a smart pilot” – Tom de Dorlodot, Red Bull paramotor pilot

"Dean Eldridge is an amazing pilot, always willing to help others and share his knowledge. He’s the best person to learn from” – Emilia Plak, Women’s Paramotor World Champion

"What a brilliant idea – one handy reference book containing a lot of flying wisdom from some verywell-respected pilots” – Michel Carnet, Paramotor World Champion and multiple British Champion

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