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X1 Heated Glove Liners

X1 Heated Glove Liners
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Designed to be worn under your existing gloves or mitts the X1-Heat Liners are made from a lightweight and tough stretch fabric and use the latest composite-fibre heating wire to keep your hands warm and toasty during flight.

With an easy-to-operate push button you can select one of three heat settings. They provide heating all the way around the fingers and thumb, heating the tips where the cold is felt the most – that means no cold spots.

Designed to be worn under all types of outer sports and leisure gloves they keep the hands really warm during cold flights without reducing control.

The liners are supplied complete with compact rechargeable LiPo batteries and charger.

They are washable too – the heating fibres are resistant to washing and corrosion.

Available in three sizes (measure around the palm)

S/M (15-17.5cm) / L (20-22.5cm) / XL (25-27.5cm)

When you first switch on the liners the LED will glow red and you must select a heat setting. If you do not select a heat setting the gloves will automatically turn off after a few minutes.

Quick Review

These liners are thin enough to wear under my normal GIN gloves. I wore them in Scotland during two mid-April spring days, and they lasted really well. On the hottest setting, they last 3+ hours in well below sub-zero temperatures, flying at base at 5000 ft +. I then flew them for six hours on another freezing cold day at Bradwell, mainly on the 'green' but switching to 'amber' for short boosts. It was so cold I was shivering even with two down jackets, thermals etc. They lasted the whole flight, and my fingertips were a little chilly on 'green' but warmed up well on 'amber'. I'm used to flying with mitts in really cold conditions and these are so much better.

Hugh Miller

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