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Cross Country Magazine Issue 157

Cross Country Magazine Issue 157
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The Future is Here reads the coverline on a very retro-looking Cross Country magazine, the first of the new year.

It’s an allusion to what we are up to ourselves – increasing the size and scope of the magazine, making it ten issues a year – but it’s mainly about our sports: the future that we imagined not so very long ago is with us, right now. Easy, simple, and relatively cheap flying machines are all ours – and what we do with them is up to us.

This issue we’ve gone up from 100 to 132 pages, and that means more of what we all love, whether it’s paragliding, paramotoring, hang gliding or all three, with contributions from around the world.

Two Way Conversation
Gliders are getting skinnier. We talk to the designers to find out what that means for pilots. 

The Unrideables
John DeVore and friends head to Alaska to speedride the Tordrillo Mountains. Then they make a movie. 

Into the Wild
Will Brown lives, breathes and flies Alaska. Remote, deep and for days at a time. Mitch Riley takes photos. 

Costa Rica
"We avoided serious storms.” Jeff Hamann flies the length of the Costa Rican Pacific coastline.

Instagram Life
"They found him on a rock smoking a cigarette.” Richard Sheppard opens his photo album and writes. 

Thai Bites
"It was an amazing day.” Mike Moore flies Thailanda nd makes 100km on only his second XC. 

Niviuk Artik 4
"Stronger cores give better information.” Pat Dower test flies Niviuk’s latest Sports Class glider. 

ITV Billy
Marcus King takes ITV’s first full reflex wing to Spain for some late season sunshine and sangria.

  • The latest new products
  • Naked Pilot – Bea Grylls
  • Nat Geo Adventurers
  • Hervé Burdet flies the sacred mountain
  • Destination Tacima
  • Bruce Goldsmith asks "Are you a riser grabber?"
  • Honza Rejmanek discusses the jet streams
  • Jon Chambers – a year in the mountains
  • Dean Eldridge on how to safely start your motor on the ground.
  • Jeff Goin adds thrust
  • Gordon Rigg on how to fly wave
  • Masterclass with Franck Simonnet
  • We review two reversible harnesses designed for everyday use

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