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SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger

SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger
Our Price: £160.00

Spot trackers have become an essential piece of kit when flying cross country. They help family and friends at home keep up to date with where you are, and are invaluable in an emergency. 

Spot Gen 3 is the latest version featuring the following key improvements for free flyers:
  • Improved performance with tracking intervals as low as every 2.5 minutes
  • Motion-activated tracking
  • Continuous tracking so you no longer need to reset tracking every 24 hours
  • Longer performance on each set of batteries 
What is a Spot anyway?

A Spot is a small unit that communicates with satellites to record your position and send it to others. Better still, depending on the model you buy, you can use it to be tracked live online, giving your family and friends peace of mind while you are flying.

Main functions include

  • SOS / 911: Hit this button and the unit sends an instant message with your coordinates to the nearest appropriate rescue service telling them you need help
  • Help: Notifies your personal contacts that you need assistance
  • Check-in / OK: Lets you check-in with your friends who receive a pre-programmed message and your coordinates
  • Custom message: Lets you send a custom message to your friends, along with your location
  • Spot adventures: Share your adventures through social media at www.spotadventures.com
  • Track progress: Friends can follow you in Google Maps


Service Plans

Like your mobile phone, you need a service plan to get the most from your Spot. A variety of plans exist, from basic to full expedition-style services. These service plans are available from Spot directly once you have bought your unit.

Special orders for pilots in remote locations

Spots are widely available through Amazon and other online electronics retailers, and from the point of view of safety we encourage you to get one, and get the best deal you can.

However, if you live in a country where other (cheaper) sites won't deliver, or you simply want to buy it through us (thanks!) we will get you one and forward it to you.

Please place your order, we will then contact you with the shipping cost before processing your order as some destinations may incur additional fees.

You don't have to be without a Spot – we will help you get one!

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