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Paramotor Magazine Issue 32

Paramotor Magazine Issue 32
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Issue 32 of Paramotor Magazine is packed! Here's what's inside those shiny, glossy pages:


The cover says it all: that's Paramotor Magazine's very own Verity Sowden flying at Base Ham in June gracing the front cover. Inside we have eight pages on the world's biggest paramotoring event, rounding up the latest gear and finding out what's new and what's hot.



Our portfolio this issue comes from French photographer Matthieu Colin. He and two friends took themselves off on a 3,500km adventure through the Namibian desert. The photos of this unique landscape are incredible.


Find out what champions fly! Dean Eldridge is the new British Paramotor Champion. He also writes for Paramotor Magazine, so we turned the tables and asked him what's in his cockpit. 


Simply amazing! Jim Doyle and Barak Naggan from the Route 66 PPG Club in the USA take advantage of a once in a lifetime opportunity and fly an eclipse of the sun.


Tom de Dorlodot and Horacio Llorens pack the motors and drive the length of Africa from Cairo to Cape Town in search of secret spots to fly. 


'Land out and you will be eaten by lions.' That and flying with thousands of pink flamingos was all in a day's work for Ramon Morillas when he was asked to help film a wildlife documentary in Kenya's wildlife parks. 


‘Mr Trike Buggy’ has a long history in paraglider flight, from soaring in the early days to his latest passion for powered buggies. We profile this US master.


The two-stroke expansion chamber is the fat shiny bit on your exhaust. Dean Eldridge explains what it does.


There's a trend to flying smaller wings in paramotoring. We fly the latest offering from mini-wing specialists Little Cloud, the Spiruline 3, now tested for paramotor flying.


Is it really better than a GoPro? We try out the latest mini camera on the market, and compare it with a GoPro. Is this the new standard?


We have news on Alex Mateos's win at the French Championships, gold for Paco Guerra at El Yelmo, what's happening out in China and lots more news and new products.


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