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From windsocks to speedbars
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Cross Country Wallet
Our Price: £9.95
A place to keep your fun tokens
Skywatch Xplorer 1
Our Price: £34.95
Accurately assess the conditions with this fantastic new pocket sized anemometer

Cross Country magazine Windblade
Our Price: £19.95
Black and Red Windblade with Cross Country magazine logo on it
PowerMonkey Extreme
Our Price: £99.99
Portable power for travelling pilots

Paramotor Magazine Windblade
Our Price: £19.95
Black and Red Windblade with Paramotor Magazine logo on it
Paramotor Magazine Windsock
Our Price: £14.95
Eye catching windsock with Paramotor Magazine logo

SPOT Gen3 Satellite Messenger
Our Price: £159.95
The best personal GPS tracker around
Tiggy Paramotor Fuel Gauge
Our Price: £94.95
Fuel flow meter for paramotor and microlight use

Wing Logo
Our Price: £59.95
Self adhesive ripstop Cross Country logo for your glider