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Fifty Ways to Fly Better
Our Price: £24.95
Essential reading for all paraglider and hang glider pilots
Cross Country Flying by Burkhard Martens
Our Price: £32.95
The complete guide to the art of Cross Country flying

Thermal Flying: New Edition
Our Price: £32.95
The complete guide to the art of thermaling and XC flying
Best Flying Sites of the Alps
Our Price: £29.95
A site guide to the Alps for paraglider and hang glider pilots

Classic Routes
Our Price: £29.95
Learn how to fly the best hang gliding and paragliding sites in the world – from the Tour du Lac in Annecy to the Bingara Run in Manilla, Australia
Powered Paragliding Bible
Our Price: £27.95
The paramotoring guide we’ve all been waiting for!

Flying Rags for Glory
Our Price: £29.95
Everything you need to know to excel in paragliding competitions by Mads Syndergaard
Hanging in There, by Jon Chambers
Our Price: £0.00
A fast-paced account of competing in the 2011 Red Bull X-Alps

Our Price: £29.95
The definitive guide to paragliding acro
New Paramotor Pilot Bundle
Our Price: £123.89
Save 15% off these essential paramotoring books and DVDs

Dennis Pagen's Performance Flying
Our Price: £24.95
The bible for all XC and competition pilots, by Dennis Pagen
Slipping The Surly Bonds
Our Price: £12.95
It's better to be on the ground wishing you were in the air, than in the air wishing you were on the ground... with this book, there's much to be learned as well as enjoyed.

Stolen Moments
Our Price: £14.95
The lavish photography book by Jérôme Maupoint
Condor Trail
Our Price: £14.95
A guide to paragliding the Central Andes, by Dylan Neyme

The Cloudspotter's Guide
Our Price: £9.99
The ideal gift for any pilot, from the founder of the Cloud Appreciation Society
Powered Paragliding
Our Price: £19.95
The classic text by Ramon Morillas, Mario Arque and Jose Ortega, translated into English

Slovenian Flying Guide
Our Price: £19.95
Pocket guide to Slovenia's best flying sites
African Air
Our Price: £29.95
Africa from a paramotor pilot's perspective

Empty Quarter
Our Price: £19.95
A paramotoring odyssey into one of the remotest, hottest places on Earth
La Maîtrise Paramoteur
Our Price: £19.95
Mecanique du vol, pratique de paramoteur décollage au pied

Cross Country Magazine One Year Subscription
Our Price: £37.95
Six issues a year delivered direct to your door or iPad
Paramotor Magazine One Year Subscription
Our Price: £34.95
Six issues a year delivered direct to your door or iPad

Dunge Bottom
Our Price: £9.95
Tales of an uncoventional aviator by John Clarke
Fresh Air Guide
Our Price: £12.95
Complete guidebook for hang gliding and paragliding in South Africa