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The best film-making in the sport - inspirational and educational
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The Boy Who Flies DVD
Our Price: £19.95
A documentary film by Ben Jordan
Mount Infinity DVD
Our Price: £15.95
Follow acro pilot Judith Zweifel as she works towards learning to infinite tumble

Infinity Himalaya DVD
Our Price: £19.95
Shot on location in Nepal this heart-stopping movie follows acro ace Horacio Llorens as he prepares to set a world record for Infinite Tumbling.
Adrenaline and Turbulence
Our Price: £4.95
Adrenaline and Turbulence is much more than just a paragliding acro film. Shot in some of the best flying sites in the world this is action film, an educational tool, a road movie and a story of personal triumph.

Master PPG DVD Complete Series
Our Price: £62.95
Jeff Goin's comprehensive DVD guides to powered paragliding
Master Powered Paragliding 4: Advanced Landing
Our Price: £22.95
Jeff Goin's comprehensive DVD guide to landing paraglider and paramotor wings

Master Powered Paragliding 3: Inflight Precision
Our Price: £22.95
Jeff Goin's comprehensive DVD guide to flying paraglider and paramotor wings
Master Powered Paragliding 2: Advanced Launching
Our Price: £22.95
Jeff Goin's comprehensive DVD guide to launching paraglider and paramotor wings

Parabatix DVD
Our Price: £12.95
Puts you in the heart of the fast-paced action using onboard angles and high definition footage. Specially commissioned 3D-animations explain the tasks
The Path of the Condor DVD
Our Price: £22.95
Three years in the making Christian Holler’s spectacular new 60-minute film follows a paraglider pilot and an ornithologist as they set out to share what they each know about the condor and its habitat. The result is breathtaking.

Our Price: £3.25
New to the sport? Or just passionate about all the places some cloth and string are taking us? You need to see Flight.
Our Price: £19.95
The Green brothers, AKA the ‘Acro Twins’ take you on a whirlwind tour of the world of the professional acro pilot

Colonel Basir's Flying Circus DVD
Our Price: £14.95
The classic powered paragliding film re-released on DVD
East Wind
Our Price: £14.95
Join Till Middelhauve, Michael Werner and Eric Behr as they embark on a border crossing-adventure of eastern Europe on 'Flykes'… flying bicycles!

Flying Over Everest
Our Price: £6.50
Follow the antics and adventures of the late Angelo D’Arrigo and his efforts to fly a hang glider over the summit of Mt Everest
Our Price: £19.95
Nestled in the heart of Nepal's foothills, and set against the backdrop of the majestic Himalayas, the city of Pokhara has played host to a remarkable story.

Ground Handling Techniques
Our Price: £24.50
An in-depth and up-to-date study of the black art of ground handling
Never Ending Thermal DVD
Our Price: £8.95
Grand Prize Winner at the 2004 St Hilaire Film Festival, this is the all-time classic film by Sean White

Paragliding: Learn to Fly
Our Price: £24.50
Reccomended for all new pilots. A brilliant tutorial packed with 3D animation - the perfect complement to your school instruction
Speed/Security DVD
Our Price: £7.95
A complete flying masterclass from Jocky Sanderson - two award-winning tutorials on one DVD

The Journey DVD
Our Price: £4.99
A journey of discovery that takes a paraglider pilot from settee to freedom
Three Flights DVD
Our Price: £19.95
A fantastic new set of films by Will Gadd

Why We Fly
Our Price: £18.95
Paramotoring adventure in one of Mexico’s most majestic and remote regions, Magdelena Bay
Awesome! / Trop de la Balles DVD
Our Price: £9.95
Paramotoring adverture in India with ex-world champion Mathieu Rouanet

Best selling paragliding DVDs bundle
Our Price: £63.77
Cross Country and XCShop.com's best selling hang gliding and paragliding films in one bundle
New Paramotor Pilot Bundle
Our Price: £123.89
Save 15% off these essential paramotoring books and DVDs