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Tiggy Paramotor Fuel Gauge

Tiggy Paramotor Fuel Gauge
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The Tiggy fuel Gauge has be specifically designed for light Aircraft /Paramotors & Microlights. The gauge is very versatile and can also be used for a number of other applications where fuel measurement is needed for example Heating oil monitoring, Motorcycle fuel gauge, go-carting etc. The Tiggy Gauge is simple to install: simply connect the sensor in-line with your fuel line from the tank to the carburettor, then before takeoff set fuel level on LCD display. 

The fuel Gauge has the following features and will display the following information: 
  • Fuel Remaining
  • Instant Economy / Flow rate
  • Flight time remaining at current economy / litres left / gallonsleft.
  • Low fuel Alarm function ( both LED and buzzer) which has a user set-able low fuel value
  • Backlight for low light conditions. (With auto turnoff)
  • Runs on supply voltage from 8v to 28v (9v Battery packsupplied)
  • Flow rates from 1 Litres - 15 Litres per hour dependant on application

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