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Powermax Heated Sports Gloves

Powermax Heated Sports Gloves
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Say goodbye to cold hands with Blazewear battery powered heated gloves for hang glider, paraglider and paramotor pilots. 

Powermax gloves are top-of-the-range gloves used by paraglider and paramotor pilots, cyclists and anyone who wants a slimline heated glove.

The gloves are lightweight and supple with reinforced areas in the crucial wear points on the palm making it easy to ground handle paraglider and paramotor wings in.

  • Incorporating the latest five digit heat system and powered from reduced-size battery boxes with extended wrist for comfort.
  • Larger battery pocket with clear window for ease of use.
  • Slimline design with removable washable inners.
  • Hi-viz reflective stripe and toweling to thumb.

Using the latest advanced polymide film metal etched heating elements across the back of the hand where the blood flows close to the surface and down each finger tip and thumb the Powermax heated glove keep's pilots’ hands warm long into cold flights.

The battery pack is powered by AA batteries which give up to three hours of heating, or with an optional Lithium Polymer rechargeable battery pack (see associated products), which gives up to five hours.


S: Wrist to fingertip 17cm
M: Wrist to fingertip 19cm
L: Wrist to fingertip 21cm
XL: Wrist to fingertip 23cm


I can reliably say that the Blazewear gloves have been fantastic. The charge has lasted long enough, the batteries seem to cope with the cold and my fingers were almost warm despite being held above my head for a couple of hours at about 5000m where it was below freezing in a 35kph wind. The gloves are wonderful for paragliding as not only do your fingers stay warm, you only have to press the on switch, you don't have to fiddle around changing into mitts which is a scary time as it takes a couple of minutes and it hard to grab hold of the controls whilst changing gloves without losing them which is expensive. The alternative is suffering a collapse which is scary!! Not only do you keep warm hands you can still operate the camera, and fiddle adjust instruments. This is hard to do in big mitts.

I definitely think they are good at the job and great value for money.

Eddie Colfox
Himalayan Sky Safaris

Recently we had the results back from our distributor in Norway of exstensive tests carried out in Norway for our Powermax gloves. The magazine article is in Norwegian but the feedback was as follows.

Attached is the test results in the pdf file, this is in Norwegian, but as you look at the picture, we noticed the gloves with the "best value" competitors was twice as expensive as it was not a fair competition,
Remember that this is a test that is extremely complete, the gloves are tested against gloves that cost twice as much, there are 8 people who have used the gloves every day for 2 months. So I think we should be very happy, you'll probably to get many requests from retailers who want to sell the gloves.

As with any independent tests, the results are totally impartial and we are very happy with the tests. All of our gloves are powered by the same high quality heating elements and in the price range that we sell, represent great value for money.

A special thank you to our distributors Isfritt in Norway for their help in submitting the gloves for the testing.

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